Gopher Broke

Credits: Lighting & Compositing Supervisor

Just a little back story on the listed credit above. Early on at Blur we didn’t give out CG Supervisor Credits or Art Director Credits. We didn’t know what those things were exactly. So for Gopher Broke I oversaw the character and prop models, did a pass of the Gopher Fur, modeled the environment, did the base lighting and look for the environment, came up with the color schemes used and took a bunch of shots to completion (lighting\comp) while overseeing all lighting and compositing. So technically I didn’t get a art director credit or cg sup credit but I did in fact do the work. :)

Still to this day, Gopher Broke is one of my favorite projects. There were many milestones for me on this one. It was the first project I fully supervised, it was the most difficult project I’ve worked as far as scheduling goes and it got nominated for an Academy Award. Definitely a labor of love for me.

Blur Studio

Short Film, 2004