Dan Rice


About me? Ah...

I currently work for Blur Studio in Venice, CA as a CG Supervisor \ Art Director. I specialize in project Look Development, Lighting and Compositing. I'm also responsible for Character, Environment and Prop Modeling supervision for all my projects. Yes, I wear many hats. No really, many hats. I'm rarely seen without a hat of some sort on. The picture on the right is a special case that does not come along too often. I'm also currently sporting a beard. It's pretty awesome.

I also need to make a special mention that none of my portfolio happens in a vacuum. Many many many artists are responsible for the work seen in my images from modelers and lighters to animators, concept artists, layout artists, fx artists and of course directors. I'm surrounded by talent and feed off of it like a dry sponge in a sauna.

So thanks to all that inspire me both at work and throughout the artist community.


Venice, Los Angeles, CA